Our Experiences

In order to help you get to know and discover our territory, we have decided to create experiences to be carried out both on our Wild Farm and around the 5 Terre National Park.

With a view to connecting with the territory and the surrounding environment, we propose a yoga lesson on the plains of our Wild Farm!


The yoga session will take place on a plain on our farm, with a 180° view of the sea. Professional yoga teachers will guide you through an approximately 1-hour session, suitable for both beginners and experts, where you will find relaxation and benefit both mentally and physically!

Classes will take place in the morning from 9 to 10:30, or in the evening from 18 to 19:30, so you can enjoy the beautiful colours of the early morning or the sunset of the sea in front of us!

At the end of the lesson there will be a short breakfast with herbal teas and fruit from the garden, or an aperitif with local wine and km0 products!

All you have to do is come and we will provide you with a sanitised mat ready for the lesson!

For information, private lessons or availability write an email to our address,
or check the present dates

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