About Us

Our Background

Lifelong friends Gianpaolo and Lorenzo sought to create a sustainable project that would have a positive impact on their area. 
Gianpaolo, with a background in Classics,
has always worked on the territory. Thanks to his constant commitment and work, over the years he has become an expert in ancient agricultural and maritime traditions. From this feeling of belonging comes the idea of safeguarding and restoring the territory so that future generations can draw on the values and beauty that distinguishes the Cinque Terre National Park in the world.
On the other hand, Lorenzo, who has a university education in tourism and territorial management, is president of the youth council of the Cinque Terre Park and has always been active in the territory of the Cinque Terre, particularly in the areas of territorial development and environmental protection. Thanks to the passion of these two new graduates, the idea of creating an agricultural cooperative was born, which could develop in the territory of the 5 Terre National Park.

Starting in October 2020, after obtaining some farmland on loan, we began the work of cleaning and restoring it.
In June 2021, we started a Crowdfunding campaign, through which, thanks to the support of donors, we were able to establish our company and start the work.

So far we have restored several plots of land where we have started to grow vegetables of various kinds, and at the same time we have taken back into care almost 50 olive trees.

As Azienda Agricola 2.0. our aim is to continue this work by implementing agricultural production and the number of restored plots.
Through our work we try to maintain and safeguard our environment and its biodiversity.

In addition to agriculture, we have created a number of experiences that will allow you to get to know and discover the true essence and soul of our territory and its traditions.

Ours Pets

Since the beginning of our adventure, we have welcomed a few animals to our Wild Farm, who keep us company and help us keep things clean around here!
Inside the Farm you can find the cockerel Tito and our hens of various breeds, Leghorns, Americans and a blue-egg Araucana!
Free among the lemon trees overlooking the sea we have the Pink Goose, the first animal to arrive at the Farm; to keep her company there are the Duffy Duck, Scarlet the Grey Goose and finally GeorgeCloney, our Swan Goose.

In addition to the chickens and geese, we have two cute black and white dwarf goats, who love brambles and weeds, so they help us with the clean-up job!

Our Wild Farm

Above the Corniglia station, we restored some land where we created the Wild Farm, a place to get closer to and discover our territory and its traditions.
We spent several months clearing the plains of brambles, armed with a brush cutter; we then dug up and rebuilt about 100 square metres of dry stone walls.
We rebuilt all the walls using only stones found locally and strictly dry stone, without using cement!

In these terraces we have started the motivation of a vegetable garden and various fruit trees; created a garden of aromatic herbs typical of the area.

This is where our direct sales point will be located, where you can stop by and find our Km0 products, but also visit the farm and try out some experiences such as workshops or yoga sessions!

Report about us

L’ Echappées Belles, French television programme from minute 59.00 show our Wild Farm and our project!


RAI – TG2, national news report about our Crowdfunding collection to support our project!

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