Help us to maintain and preserve the agricultural territory of the 5 Terre National Park.

Thanks to the creation of a Wild Farm we will give new life and use to agricultural land in order to safeguard our fragile and beautiful territory, so as to prevent new phenomena and events of hydrogeological instability.


We at Wild Farm Curnigia do not limit ourselves only to work for a healthier and cleaner environment, we also want to address the problem of mass tourism that plagues our territory ๐Ÿ†.

That’s why we are working to develop some tourist services that will help us in this battle! ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”

In fact, we are building three different types of services:

๐Ÿง˜โ™‚๏ธ Yoga classes on reclaimed land that will allow tourists to connect with the soul of our land and understand how to respect and enhance it

โ›ช๏ธ Trekking tour focused on the cultivation of olive trees and a hidden gem of our territory: the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Reggio. Tourists will understand how much work there is behind the beauty of the Cinque Terre and how much of this beauty often remains unknown and unexplored

๐Ÿ“ธ Photographic sets within the Cinque Terre with local professional photographer to give a more local experience and encourage young professionals of our land.

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About Us

Friends since kids, Lorenzo and Gianpaolo, after finishing their studies, tried to create a sustainable project that would have a positive impact on their territory. Gianpaolo, comes from a Classical Background,
has always worked on the territory.ย He likes to define himself as the guardian of the ancient rural and marine traditions of 5 Terre.ย From this feeling of belonging comes the idea of safeguarding and restoring our territory to ensure that future generations can draw the values and beauty that distinguishes the Cinque Terre National Park in the world.
On the other hand Lorenzo, with a university education in tourism and territory management, president of the youth council of the 5 Terre Park but always active in the territory of 5 Terre, in particular in the issues of territorial development and environmental protection. Through the passion of these two new graduates, was born the idea of creating an agricultural cooperative, which can develop in the territory of the National Park of 5 Terre.


Through the Cooperative “Wild Farm Cรผrnigia” we aim to safeguard the territory and the surrounding environment, thanks to the restoration of ancient crops and the creation of a circuit of conscious Slow Tourism, taking up the principles of the movement of Wild Farming developing them in our National Park.



Our cooperative thanks to the replanting of crops in the restored farmland, during the season can produce grapes, olives, citrus and herbs, all at km0.
In addition, thanks to the installation of beehives within the property can boast the sale of honey produced at km0.


Thanks to the creation of an itinerant itinerary inside the Wild Farm, the visitor will be able to touch the work of the cooperative carried out for the recovery of agricultural land, accompanied by experts and locals will know the values and traditions of this place.


The cooperative will create various collaborative projects with
schools of the territory, to organize activities within the didactic garden.
There will be some didactic laboratories tailor-made for children, so that through the sensory path, the chicken coop, the beehives and the vegetable garden they will be able to learn important things about the environment and the world of agriculture, trying themselves in first person with some workshops.

Corniglia, 19018, Italy

The area where we decided to develop the project is located in the town of Corniglia, a small village in the National Park of 5 Terre in Italy. Our cooperative will be located near the train station, where visitors, schools we will collaborate with and all interested people can easily arrive by train or car. Through fundraising, the Iยฐstep of the project is to clean and recover the territory within the Park area, so as to create a base for the creation of the agricultural and social cooperative. Once completed this phase of mapping, cleaning, will follow the replanting of crops, so we can begin to create the various parts that will make up our educational garden. Through our work we are going to rebuild an old chicken coop, which once restored will provide fresh eggs, but also the possibility of being seen and used in educational lessons with schools. Always pursuing the goal of reducing our environmental impact and the principles of “wild farming”, we will also introduce in a special area restored a colony of bees, an animal essential for the natural balance of our planet and now increasingly at risk. As the last part of this phase, we will start the creation of a didactic sensory path, consisting of :

Garden of aromatic herbs, with activities related to the sense of smell
Path of contact with nature, with activities related to the sense of touch
Listen in our Park, with activities related to the sense of hearing
Taste our territory, with activities related to the sense of taste

The red area, will be used to create “Path of contact with nature, with activities related to the sense of touch”, where we will plant lemon trees and flowers that we will use for our activities!

The blue area is where we will restore the structure of the chicken coop abandoned for years, and completed the work we could accommodate our hens and other birds!

The yellow area, will be the most difficult to resume, in fact, after cleaning it from the brush and brambles we will rebuild the walls, and finally we will create different activities such as: the creation of a beehive, the grafting and cultivation of rows of vines, the creation of an enclosure for our small goats and finally a relaxation area.

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